Wellness Care

Wellness Care For Your Pet

At Indy Paws Veterinary Hospital, we prioritize the well-being of your pets through comprehensive and proactive care. Our dedicated wellness services are designed to keep your furry companions in optimal health.

During a wellness visit, our experienced veterinarians conduct thorough examinations, addressing any concerns and evaluating overall health.

Physical Examination

Your pet’s annual wellness examination involves a thorough examination by the doctor. She will look at your pet’s eyes, ears, oral cavity and teeth, heart and lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes and skin examination. She may recommend additional testing depending on your pet’s age and lifestyle.

Regular wellness visits are the foundation for a long and joyful life for your beloved pets. We recommend visits every 3-4 weeks starting at 6 weeks of age for puppies and kittens, and annually thereafter.

Beyond vaccinations and medications, each visit includes a comprehensive physical exam, where we take a full history and carefully examine your pet for any abnormalities or potential issues.

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