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Telemedicine (Virtual Visits)

We are very excited to offer Virtual Visits for your pets: a convenient option for Veterinary Care!

 Connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your home!

We believe that pet care should extend beyond the walls of our office and be accessible to you and your pets no matter where you are or when you need help. We are no longer using AirVet, but you can schedule a telemedicine appointment! Reach out to our team with virtual appointment requests (text, email, or call).

AirVet can still be used for emergency after-hour virtual triage!

Requirements and process:

  • You must be a current client and patient (seen within 12 months) for telemedicine visits, and the condition must be something we can see with video/messaging. Keep in mind that these visits are asynchronous.
    • If you are not a current patient, we can give advice (telehealth) but not diagnose or prescribe medications.
  • Once you have scheduled your appointment, click the link in your email and wait for the Doctor to join! You can have a video conference with our Doctors (or another team member, if appropriate)!
    • Please make sure you are in a quiet place with good lighting, have a computer, tablet or phone with internet access, a camera, and audio.
    • Please keep in mind that telemedicine has limitations because we can not physically feel your pet, listen to their heart and lungs or look at areas in the same detail as an in-person exam. This does not replace a physical exam. We may miss conditions that could normally be detected in a physical visit. You have chosen telemedicine for your convenience and safety.  We may ask to see your pet in person for further diagnostics or a physical exam.
    • If medications are needed, we will arrange to either a) have it available for pick up b) approve via our online pharmacy for direct shipment to your home or c) mailed to your home if necessary.
    • Notes from your telemedicine visit will be recorded and saved for your pet’s record.
  • If a follow-up or in-hospital visit is scheduled as a part of the visit, this visit may be discounted.

Common visits that can be performed with Telemedicine:

  • Surgery rechecks
  • Ongoing conditions that require evaluation
  • Some skin conditions
  • Limping/Lameness
  • Certain eye and ear conditions
  • Diarrhea in an otherwise normal animal (no vomiting, eating normally, no lethargy)

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